the more you focus on the good, the better the good gets

Hey! I'm Maegan

I live in Moore, Oklahoma, I have my whole life! With my boyfriend (who wants to live in the country) Sorry babe can’t take this girl out of the city.
We have 3 beautiful children together. Ella, Holland (our angel in heaven), Kash our rainbow baby, and our fur-babe, Violet!
 I am an introvert but wanna be an extrovert. I'm a six, close nine on enneagram!
You will hardly ever see me without my hair fixed and makeup on (but I do have my days), just ask my best gal pals!
In my free time (when I have it), I love blogging, taking pictures of my kids, crafting and DIYs, sharing about Young Living essential oils, and shopping at Target while drinking my iced vanilla coffee!
Some of my favorite things: wine, Greys Anatomy, simplicity, organization, Bible journaling, all things holidays, Joanna Gaines, bright lipstick, being extra with gift wrapping, crafting with my daughter, sewing, cozy sweaters, iced coffee or just coffee in general, beauty and hair, music–especially Miranda Lambert.