Back to school Favorites!

Ok, first of all… how are we already talking about back to school? Didn’t summer just start yesterday? Ella’s teacher called us yesterday and it really sunk in that school starts in two weeks!! We aren’t ready!! And I can’t believe I will have a 3rd grader. Seriously, Where is the time going??

Anyways… I put together our favorite back to school items! So many cute things to choose from. Ella had a hard time picking which backpack she wanted. But ended up with the purple checkered one! It’s very on trend! I hope this helps with your back to school shopping!

Cheers to all the ice coffees!

  1. Purple Checkered backpack
  2. Stanley cup
  3. Pastel Highlighters
  4. Flower pencil pouch
  5. Unicorn ice pack
  6. Yoobi pencils
  7. Pink backpack
  8. Bentgo lunch box

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