Black History + Diversity book round-up

It is so important now, more than ever, that we start being intentional about talking with our children about racism and how we can stop it. It starts in our homes. And we as parents need to set those examples. We need to be talking to our kids about racism and inequality. We need to be teaching our kids to love everybody, no mater the skin color. Our kids are our future.

I know it can be so hard to find the right words to say when addressing such a serious topic. I find myself lost of words sometimes. But one of the best ways we can do that though, is through children books.

I have found so many great books in the last couple of days. I wanted to share a few that I have ordered. But I will also share the links to a really great resource that has so much more!!

2//I am Enouogh

3//One Love

4//Skin Like Mine

5//Little Leaders Exceptional Men

6//I’m Gonna Push Through

7//I Believe I can

8//Little Leaders Bold Women

Here is a great resource that has 31 children books that support conversations on race, racism and resistance.

Also linking Kido Chicago a Black Woman owned shop, she has a ton of great books to order! And you are supporting a great shop!

”Above all else LOVE each other deeply” -1 Peter 4:8

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