DIY “Bunny Watchers”

I know Easter has already come and gone, but I wanted to share this fun and easy craft that I’m sure most of you already have the supplies for at home. Plus, these “Watchers” could also be for stargazing, butterflies, and adventure watchers! You could make these for any holiday!

Get creative!

Since we made these, Ella has worn them outside to look for bunnies every day! She loves them, and watching her be creative with them is my favorite part!

Supplies you will need:

• Two toilet paper rolls
• Yarn/Ribbon
• Paint (we like to use the acrylic paint from target)
• Glitter
• Construction paper (we used white and pink for bunny years, this is optional)
• Hole puncher
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors

And any art supplies you have that you want to use!

We started off painting the toilet paper rolls so that they could dry. While they were drying, Ella picked out what yarn she wanted to use, and she cut out the bunny ears. This craft is also an excellent project for littles to learn safety about scissors and fine motor skills!

Once they were dry I punched a hole in each roll, and then tied yarn through it, so it could be worn! After that, I had Ella show me how she wanted the yarn placed. I hot glued it where she wanted, then hot glued the bunny ears on, and Ella had the idea to get a pink Pom Pom to glue on for the nose!
Your “Bunny Watchers” are ready!!

I can’t wait to see what kind of “watchers” ya’ll make! Be sure you tag us on Instagram so we can see!

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