Kash Robert Knight Birth Story

January 8, 2020
I had my weekly check-up scheduled that morning at 9:30 am.
That morning I had noticed that Kash wasn’t as active as he usually was. I was feeling a little anxious about that but kept going on with my morning because I would see the Dr soon.
I got Ella ready for school, and as soon as it was time for her to go to school, she had a massive meltdown that she didn’t want to go. As Curtis and her were walking out the door, I told Curtis, “she is going to make me go into labor!

I left for my appointment and remembered calling Curtis to tell him to leave his phone on loud just in case! ( he works nights and was going to sleep)

“ She is going to make me go into labor”

I got called back to my appointment, and the Dr asked her usual questions and asked about his movements and if I was having any contractions. I told her I was feeling a little anxious because he wasn’t as active as usual, he usually is always moving and kicking me in my ribs! I also told her I had some contractions, but they weren’t consistent.

My Dr decided to hook me up to some monitors to monitor his movements and contractions. I had to be monitored for 45 minutes. During that time, the Nurse kept checking in with me, and of course, I kept asking if everything was ok. With everything that we have been through, it was hard not to be anxious. And I was by myself. She kept telling me, yes, everything is fine.

After about 30 minutes, the Nurse came back in and said she wasn’t happy with his movements, so she gave me some water and a snack. She said sometimes that would help to get baby moving! She had only seen one move so far, and the Dr typically likes to see two within the 45 minutes of being monitored.

Another 15 minutes went by, and my contractions were increasing. The Nurse came back in and said, ok, I’m going to get your Dr. I’m just not happy with his movements. ( starting to freak out a little) My Dr came, and the first thing she said to me was, “are you ready to have a baby today?” She didn’t want to wait another week. I was shocked! I told her Yes! But really NO! I was not ready! I didn’t have any of my hospital bags, Curtis was at home asleep, I was supposed to have one more weekend with Ella before Kash’s due date. Guilt started to set in because our morning was rough.

“ Are you ready to have a baby today”

My Dr called labor and delivery and told them that I was on my way and to start Pitocin ( I also did not want to be induced but knew that was probably going to happen) My Dr told me that they didn’t have any rooms open yet. Still, they will get me started in triage until a place is available.

Once I left my Dr’s office, and I started to go to Labor and Delivery, I began to call Curtis. Of course, he wasn’t answering! I called my mom to let her know, She had all her daycare kids and I then called Curtis mom. She had to drive from Eufaula. I told them both Curtis wasn’t answering. They were going to try calling him as well. I kept calling him but still no answer. I finally called one of his sisters and asked if she could go to our house and try and wake him up! I told her bang on the door, go to our back yard bang on the window whatever you have to do to wake him up!!

Finally, after his sister having to go over to our house, he woke up, got all our bags, and headed to the hospital! The nurses were getting me all checked in and started the Pitocin. When Curtis got to the hospital, I was so relieved. His sister was going to go pick up Ella for us and take her to my parent’s house, and they would be coming as soon as my mom’s daycare kids got picked up. I was ready for Ella to be there. I needed her to be there. I was feeling guilty about how our morning started. I was feeling guilty because we were supposed to have one more weekend of just her. She was our only child for six years. And now everything is about to change.

Once they got the Pitocin going, I asked the Nurse how long will this take? Ella, I wasn’t induced. And I was in labor with her for 11 hours. She told me, “oh, you are starting at step one, it will be a few hours, and you will have a room by then” I remember thinking, “oh good, my mom has plenty of time to get here with Ella.”
Once she said that Curtis decided he wanted to go get food. I told him he couldn’t bring any food into the room because I was on a strict diet of only ice chips. ( insert rolling eyes) And I was starving. He went to get food. While he was gone, they came in and broke my water. The time was probably around 12:30. I remember texting him and telling him that but not to hurry.
Well, everything just kind of escalated from there!!

Curtis’s mom showed up shortly after and my mom was waiting for her daycare parents, Ella was with her at this point.

My contractions started to get worse, and I was dilated to a 6. I decided to get an epidural at this point because the pain was getting so bad! ( still didn’t have a room yet) But luckily, they were able to get me an actual delivering bed. ( because things were moving fast)
The anesthesiologists came in and gave me my epidural, and after that, my contractions kept getting worst. And I could still feel everything! I remember just crying and telling my Nurse that it hurts so bad. At his point, she rechecked me to see what I was dilated to.. I was at an 8!!
After that, things just started to move fast! But my mom was still not there with Ella. She was on her way. At this time, it was probably around 2:30 pm.
Nurses were coming in with all kinds of things, putting up a curtain outside my room. They had to set up the room next to me for Kash once he was delivered. Cause it looked like I was going to have this baby in triage!!

Things just started to move fast!

Contractions were getting way worst. And I just remember screaming at my Nurse saying, “I feel like I have to push!!! “She immediately called my Dr. Everyone started to rush in and was getting into place.
The anesthesiologists came back in and was trying to pump medicine in me since the epidural wasn’t working. And then my Dr finally came in.
Curtis was right beside me saying positive words to me, and the anesthesiologists were on the other side of me and Y’ALL. I thought this guy was trying to hold my hand for support as well. ( because he was going to be stuck in this tiny room with us as well) so I GRABBED HIS HAND, and he was like, “um I have to put the medicine in,” Haha! He wasn’t even trying to hold my hand!! I will never forget that!

After a few minutes of pushing, but what seemed like hours! At 3:06 pm, after four hours of labor and delivering him in the freakin triage area, Kash Robert Knight was born weighing 7Ib 11oz and 19 inches long!! ( the same weight and length as his big sister!) He was placed on my chest. He was finally here. Our rainbow baby. Who we have prayed for was finally here.
After that moment it didn’t matter that things didn’t go as planned. All that mattered was he was here and healthy.

Both of my babies.

Our rainbow baby, who we have prayed for was finally here.

My parents and Ella made it right after he was born. They walked in seconds after. And I just remember Ella walking in and seeing her little brother for the first. And she had the biggest smile on her face. Our family is complete, and we couldn’t be any happier!


  1. Shelley on April 20, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    Well you know that made me cry ❤️ Couldn’t be happier for you

    • Maegan Stark on April 26, 2020 at 1:57 am

      Thank you so much!

  2. Brittany Simpson on April 20, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    Okay meagan! I cried again! How precious are your babies and your story. Praise the Lord for your sweet little rainbow baby.

    • Maegan Stark on April 26, 2020 at 1:57 am

      Thank you so much! We are so blessed!

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