Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Mother’s day is almost here!! May is my favorite month! So many fun celebrations! Mother’s Day, Ella’s Birthday and My Birthday! And it also means sweet summertime is almost here!

I love it when I can give someone a gift! It brings me so much joy, and it gives me a reason to pull out all my unique gifting supplies! You can never be too extra when putting a gift together!

With the season we are all in right now due to the Coronavirus, I’m sure most of you try to limit going to the stores as much as possible. So I have put together some Mother’s Day gifts that you probably already have the supplies in your home! And I have also added some if you do go to the store. You can quickly pick the items up!

First up DIY Sugar Scrub and Bath Salts!

Supplies needed:
Mason Jar
Coconut Oil
Mixing bowl
Lemon Essential oil
Lavender Essential oil
Non scented bath salts
Gift tags
Label maker ( my favorite is my Dymo label maker, I use it for EVERYTHING)

Step 1: Add one cup of sugar to a bowl
Step 2: Add 1/2 cup of coconut oil
Step 3: Mix together
Step 4: add Lemon essential oil ( you decide how much you want to put in!)
Step 5: This is optional. But I added some red food coloring!
Step 6: Add yarn and a cute little tag for that special Mama!

Other ideas for Mother’s day gift, a bouquet! I added these flowers to my online grocery order! You have the option to pick which kind you want!

Supplies needed:
Brown wrapping paper
Gift tags
Label Maker

Wrap up your bouquet with the brown wrapping paper and tie yarn around it and add a cute tag!! Super sweet and simple. Who doesn’t love getting flowers?

And third Mother’s day gift idea. This one, I ran into Target and briefly stopped by the dollar spot and threw in a few cute items!

I grabbed a cute little bag and Tumbler!! In the bag, I put in Young Living mineral sunscreen, Happy Mama roller, and glow serum!
Another cute idea to add to this would be to add a Starbucks or a Target gift card to the cup! Just tie it on with yarn! ( can you tell I love yarn??)

And there you have it three simple Mother’s day gifts ideas!!

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