Self Care

Let’s talk about self-care mamas. I know that is so hard for us to do. To take the time and do something for ourselves. Why is it so hard for us to do that? And why when we do something for ourselves we feel like we get judged for it or we have to explain why we are doing something. I want to put an end to mom-shaming. We are all doing our best!

Self-care doesn’t mean just going and getting yourself pampered. Self-care is whatever brings you JOY!! Whatever is going to fill your cup up, so that you can be the best you. It could simply mean you going to your local grocery store and picking out your favorite flowers and lipstick.
So take that time to fill your cup up when you are feeling drained and tired. Because when mamma ain’t happy nobody is. Am I right?!

“Self-care doesn’t mean just going and getting yourself pampered. Self-care is whatever bring you JOY!!”

Here are some of my favorite Self Care:

-Going to Trader Joe’s and picking out all my favorite flowers. I have found a new love for coming up with my flower arrangements. And I try to make a trip to Trader Joe’s every two weeks.

Trader Joe’s has the best flowers!

-Taking long walks down every aisle at Target with an Iced Coffee in hand.

-Sitting on my back porch with a glass of wine.

-Waking up before the kids do. I need that hour of alone time in the morning. I get my diffusers going with my favorite oils, I drink my coffee and read my bible.

-Getting pampered. I love getting my lashes, nails, and hair done. It makes me feel good!

-In the Summer laying out at the pool!

Taking some time for myself by the pool.

These are my top favorite things I like to do! I would love to hear what brings you joy in the comments bellow! 

Don’t forget you are a bad A** and you deserve to have have time for yourself. 


  1. Crystal Messner on December 21, 2020 at 6:45 am

    What are some of your favorite diffusers and oils?

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