Sweet Summertime Bucket List

Woah, you all last couple of months have been a little crazy around here. How is everyone doing? Really. How are you doing, friends? Some days I am alright, and others I feel very overwhelmed. I am just ready for some normalcy around here.

We are finally done with Distance Learning here! Thank God. Because It has not been the easiest for Ella and I., We are so ready for some summer fun.
I know summer will look a little different this year. So I have come up with a fun, sweet summertime Bucket List for you!

One of my favorite memories from last summer was when we went strawberry picking!! Ella and I had so much fun! And I can’t wait to take her again! Right now is the perfect time to go strawberry picking. Just look up your local farms and see when times are available!

We went to buffalo creek berry farm in Mustang last year! It is the perfect little farm and they give you cute baskets that you get to keep, to put your strawberries in!

Another one of my favorite summer time activities is just getting out the water sprinkler. Watching Ella play in our front yard in the sprinkler brings back so many good memories from my childhood. I loved it when my dad would turn on the sprinkler for us!

We also bought a blow up pool this year for Ella and Kash! Our exact one is no longer available but I thought this watermelon one was super cute!! https://www.target.com/p/minnidip-slice-of-confetti-kiddie-pool/-/A-77401483

Here is my Sweet Summertime Bucket List! You can click the image to download and print! I hope this will help you with some ideas to do with your littles!

Happy Summer Friends!

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